The Michigan Christian Chamber of Commerce is like any other Chamber of Commerce; we are about business, but the key factor that makes us different is the common denominator of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  We believe that the principles set in the Bible should  be integrated into every aspect of our lives, including our businesses.


To serve as a clearinghouse for local and national organizations, tools and information to promote biblical standards of integrity in the workplace.

To build a community of Christian professionals beyond the boundaries of geography, social status, profession, industry or denomination.

To educate our members with that which concerns them legally, spiritually and economically.

To promote member businesses and foster business relationships through networking events, programs and multimedia communications.

To grow the faith of marketplace Christians and increase their influence to reclaim people and institutions for Christ.

Why should you be involved?  Because you are in business and you are a believer.  Business people united by faith in Jesus Christ to create a  positive impact in our community.



















Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Business