Church Membership Agreement


Bridging the Gap between Faith and Business

Church Membership Agreement 

The MICCC supports economic and spiritual growth by providing local and national resources for professional and spiritual development, improving business practices and equipping Christian Professionals to be ambassadors in the marketplace for Jesus Christ.

This Membership Agreement is between the MICCC and  _________________________________________     Date:  ________________________

Our goal is to partner with local churches based on geographic location, variance in denominations and willingness to support the community of believers to improve our effectiveness in the marketplace.  We are offering free annual membership to churches that will include:

We are asking that our members:

  • Distribute information about the Michigan Christian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Provide information about events and professional development programs to church attenders including:  bulletins, website, email blasts, and announcements (customized by the church)
  • Encourage churches and church member participation with the MICCC


By:  ___________________________________________  Date:  _______________________                                         Church representative

By:  ___________________________________________  Date:  _______________________                                        Chamber representative

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