Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church

Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church
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Sunday: 9:00 am Sunday School  /  11:00 am Morning Worship

Under Pastor Rudds’ leadership Greater Mt. Tabor has instituted 13 ministries designed to meet the needs of every facet of life. 2 vans have been purchased, the audio/video equipment has been updated to keep pace with modern technology, the church office has full time staff, and other major physical renovations. Greater Mt. Tabor extends Kingdom Building to outside the church walls as Mountain Movers.

It is our desire to continue to bring Souls to Christ. We shall strive to make this a better church. Let every member realize their church needs there service. Let every member be in a hurry to be in his or her pew each and every time the Word of God is being taught so that we will be able to be better followers and carriers of His Word.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain. Psalm 127:1

Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church gives all the credit and glory for our blessings to the Lord.

We are committed to promoting the gospel of Christ, enriching our neighboring community, and facilitating the spiritual growth and fortitude of the body of Christ. Understanding that there is an existence of many churches within the city, we strive to be a beacon of truth, hope, and relevance within the city of Detroit.

We are a deeply family-oriented, friendly church community. We believe in aiding members in establishing Christian-living households and lifestyles. We feel that Christians should be equipped to deal with all that life offers outside of Sunday service. We must know how to effectively and realistically incorporate Christian values in all aspects of life, whether it be school, friendships, in the workplace, or in our recreational activities.

We have numerous activities and ministries to serve our membership and community, and that allow all the genres of our congregation to serve. From the precious youth to the beloved seniors, there is something for everyone to do and benefit from.

We believe in the Crucifixion, assured that the Lord indeed died and rose for the justification of our souls and remission of our sins. We believe that one must confess Christ for themselves, and be baptized in the spirit of that admission, only as one is led by God.

Our worship services are Spirit-filled and reverent. We encourage anyone in attendance to be participant and comfortable. However, it is imperative that we be mindful and respectful of the Lord’s house in our attire, disposition, and behavior. The Lord deserves our best, our adoration, and all of our praise!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Maurice Rudds

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7345 West Chicago Street, Detroit, Michigan 48204
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